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What's in a name, really? An identity? Sometimes a joke that will follow you until you're 6 feet under. Whether your parents had the forethought to name you Ben Dover or Richard Small, sometimes we just wish we could forget about our names. That's what the internet is for though, to dig up those hilarious names that need to be out in the world.

Just Stop Talking About Things If You Don't Know Their Names!

web comics names mistake Just Stop Talking About Things If You Don't Know Their Names!
Via ubertoolcomic

I Believe in Science

web comics science I Believe in Science
Via mythdirection

It's In His Nature

comics entertainment nature names dora the explorer web comics - 8348102400
Created by FatherofGray ( Via Hinoneko )

Not a Bad Decision

web comics band names Not a Bad Decision
Via mapentertainments

What's in a Name?

flies mindwarp names web comics - 8224798464
Via Mister Hayden

Sneak Peak of "Despicable Me 2"

despicable me kids boys names funny - 7486456064
Created by artistperson

Guess Who!

meetings names web comics - 8132967424
Via Jeremy Kaye

We Aren't Kitten

Via Sad Sack

When Disney Buys Star Wars

disney star wars names funny - 7620371456
Created by Unknown

IF Real Names Were Like Usernames

names web comics - 8105097216
Created by Unknown

That's One Lucky Horse

web comics horse names That's One Lucky Horse
Via bitercomics

Big Crickets

humans names funny web comics - 8804242944
Via billingtoons

How Brands Are Created

names apple web comics - 8275027200
Via Good Noose

Have You Seen Carl?

names web comics - 8074450432
Via Time Trabble

At Least It Was Probably Painless?

web comics names jokes At Least It Was Probably Painless?
Via threepeoplegetit

I'm Still Trying to Pick up the Mjolnir

ikea dragons names web comics - 8751136000
Via Obi1thejedi
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