Art of Trolling


What's in a name, really? An identity? Sometimes a joke that will follow you until you're 6 feet under. Whether your parents had the forethought to name you Ben Dover or Richard Small, sometimes we just wish we could forget about our names. That's what the internet is for though, to dig up those hilarious names that need to be out in the world.

She's Vegan


What's in a Name?

funny names news names pickles police - 8094868224


baby names - 4850187776

You Gotta Get Some Numbers In There

names spelling wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 5068523520
Created by Unknown

Jesus Wouldn't Be Here If Mary Had Used One

condom jesus names - 5012462080
Created by Pinkshyagent

Goddess of Kindness

goddess names Yahoo Answer Fails - 6046791936

Occupation: Hot Fudge Packer

names that sounds naughty - 8757510144

He's Hunting for His Evil Twin, More

puns names image - 8795121664
Via morgainn21

Makes No Sense

boy Cleverbot girl justin bieber names sense - 4419025408
Created by JackvanH

Best Insurance Agent Ever

IRL names rick roll spelling - 4774070528

Fire in the Disco

IRL names - 4791419136

Happy Birthday!

birthday cake mean names Happy Birthday!
Via nightfyr

An Unfortunate Name Combination

last names names - 7892186112

We Have to Go Deeper

Inception IRL names taxi - 4791436288

Fight the System

gaming names - 8455814144
Via howl-of-cerberus
benedict cumberbatch twitter list names - 1204229

People Try to Spell Benedict Cumberbatch's Name With Their Eyes Closed and Absolutely Fail

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