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That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

Black Metal Across The World

metal funny - 7836903424
By s.t.a.l.k.e.rPony


lol metal Music puns rock Songs - 4356571648
By Charles V. Pandorf

Let's Take a Walk Over There

metal bread web comics - 8286562560
Via Art JCF

Is This How Metal Detectors Work?


But a Piece Still Sells

metal Music metallica sad but true funny - 7611660288
By Serialkilla213


awesome face swap magic metal Music - 3826042624
By Unknown

Hopefully Bruce Dickinson Can Give You a Lift Then

Via Tirinhasdorex

Metal Facts

metal Music wtf facts funny - 7550018048
By Unknown
Collection of web comics called Belzebub about a black metal family.

Embrace Your Dark Side With These Awesome Black Metal Comics

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You'll Have to Get Your Own Copy of Wrath of The Tyrant

metal Music devil web comics - 8385206784
Via Bing

Touched By an Angel

angel awesome best of week butterfly metal Music - 5801367296
By Unknown

This Would Be The Best Smash Brothers Match

mario metal funny web comics Videogames - 7929167872
Via Blow The Cartridge


animals awesome history insects metal Music - 4461062912
By Unknown

The Wonders of Music

metal Music headphones - 6935178752
Via Commitstrip

Babysitting Lil Bro

Babies metal Music sick truth web comics - 8237881088
Via Jeremy Kaye

Steel Panther Anyone?

metal Music butterfly - 6723334400
By neo5150 (Via Metalsucks)