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Funny web comics featuring candy hearts, dark humor, tommy siegel, relationships, dating, love, marriage. | HALF- LISTENING AND PLANNING WILL SAY ABOUT IS TALK ABOUT MYSELF TIME MYSELF loay | IM DRUNBK BORED

These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

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If You Love Someone Read This

romance sad but true love web comics - 8270232064
Via Zen Pencils

True Love

web comics hamburger True Love
Via apauladay

If You Love Someone, Set 'Em Free

Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Or Else The Ancient Ones Will Wreak Their Vengeance on Everything

sacrifice love funny - 7678978304
By Unknown

Tell My Wife I Love...

the matrix love web comics - 8170437376
Via Maximumble

A Heartwarming Tale of Acceptance

Via Perry Bible Fellowship Comics

The Savagery of Unrequited Love

Via barelyfunctionaladult

The Toughest Job Interview Question

Via According to Devin

Sloths in Love

marriage sloths love web comics - 8132775680
Via Jim Benton

Maybe You Like Them Too Much

kids love family fast food chicken nuggets - 6788558848
By Unknown

Science Examining Love

science love sun solar system web comics - 8242381568
Via According to Devin

Love Can Be Cruel

balls dogs love web comics - 8295172608
Via Channel Ate

The Quest to Find Satisfaction With Existence

gifs turtles love web comics - 8291739648
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Pizza, My One True Love

pizza love web comics - 8752635904
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