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Sandwich Artist

gifs sandwiches love web comics - 7994717440
Created by Origami_Heart ( Via Invisible Bread )

Love is For Weirdos

cupid love Valentines day web comics - 8203434240
Via Earth Explodes

The OTHER other L-word.

love Movie relationships - 6485204224
Created by stillnopickles

Sloths in Love

marriage sloths love web comics - 8132775680
Via Jim Benton

Just Like a Fairy Tale

Via The Dudolf

So Romantic

love web comics - 8751100672
Via dustinteractive

They Play Love Songs, Too

hair relationships love justin bieber - 7360535296
Created by B_randen_Adams

Love Story

anime TV love - 7180307456
Created by Baboo85

Don't Worry, You're Too Cute to Eat

best of week eat love meat pets the internets - 6206560768
Via Jim Benton

The Savagery of Unrequited Love

Via barelyfunctionaladult
Collection of funny web comics.

Morning Funnies: 20+ Comics That'll Get You Chuckling

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ellen page Inception leonardo dicaprio love titanic - 4538611200
Created by andy.fail

Some Sprinkles, Too

kids ice cream parenting love web comics - 8292640768
Via lunarbaboon

Tell My Wife I Love...

the matrix love web comics - 8170437376
Via Maximumble

His Hopes Were Up So High

Harry Potter love rupert grint - 5027059456
Created by Wook1972

If You Love Someone, Set 'Em Free

Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
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