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Jesus is a figure in ancient history that is the focal point of one of the largest religions in the world. So it's natural tat any number of jokes and memes come out of a being so famous and well-known. From RaptorJesus to classic memes, there's something for everyone for the father of Christianity.


jesus the internets - 6469693184
By Unknown

Jesus vs. MacGyver

jesus web comics - 8231249152
Via The Frumps

Goddamnit, Harold!

its-jesus jesus oh god RAPTURE wtf - 4809171712
By Yoman178 (Via lolbot.net)

No Sermon Today, Just Keep Bobbling!

jesus sad but true web comics - 8484124160
By GrafEinhorn (Via Darn It Comics)

Classic: Loljesus

jesus lol classic - 6961507328
By Unknown

Accually Is Speye Dir Men

art dolan jesus Spider-Man - 6539649792
By cratchmaster

Jesus, Not Again

jesus funny web comics - 7833464576
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

A Hatching Easter Egg

Babies easter jesus web comics - 8183665920
Via Super Glitch

The Last Slice

jesus pizza comic - 6963254016
By meganeguard (Via Happytea)

The Teachings of Right-Wing Jesus

jesus fish politics web comics - 8414548224
By slugnutter (Via Slug Nuts)

We All Have Secrets

jesus god secrets web comics - 8262987776
Via Ryan Hudson

Thank God, Jesus Wasn't Born Nowadays

Via Tubey Toons

Can't He Just Make Some out of Water?

drinking fishing jesus religion - 4485778176
See all captions By Mordeir

not too far off the truth

Via piecomic

It Was a Gift From Good Pal Jesus

baby birth cactus chuck norris joke jesus the internets - 6372919296
By Unknown


bible From the Movies jesus spoiler the rock - 4823040768
By Unknown
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