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The Truest Love Story

guns couples love - 7257017600
Created by jamesflames


celebutard guns puns will smith - 3857905920
Created by Unknown

War is Hell

Via The Meal Storm

Let's Hook Up and Bring Fiery Death

Charlie Sheen guns Lord of the Rings orcs winning - 4514894080
Created by Boat

The Government Doesn't Want to Take Them, They Just Want to Have a Waiting Period Before You Buy More

guns government sad but true sharks web comics - 8225821696
Via Mandatory Roller Coaster

Gun Violence is The One Thing The US Leads The Rest of The Developed World In

guns sad but true politics web comics - 8219290880
Via Cartoon Politics

Grandpa Talking About Drones

Via Comic Nuggets

Preparation Tips For The Zombie Apocalypse

Via Tubey Toons

Only in America

guns cars sad but true web comics - 8209980160
Via Go Comics

If There Were No Guns The World Would Be Way Better

guns sick truth swords web comics - 8129754368
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

The Imagination is Killer

guns kids web comics playing - 8114229504
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Using a Metal Detector to Secure Love

guns weddings web comics - 8220526080
Via Time Trabble

Selfie Sticks Allow You To Shoot Yourself

Via Joan Cornellá

Time to Ignore The Prime Directive

guns yolo swag Star Trek - 7318828288
Created by Dr.Jacko

How Else Is He Supposed to Defend Himself in the Wild?

web comics nature guns How Else Is He Supposed to Defend Himself in the Wild?
Via poorlydrawnlines

Coolness Can Kill

guns whoops web comics - 8110523904
Via Nineteen Letters Long
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