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Time to Ignore The Prime Directive

guns yolo swag Star Trek - 7318828288
Created by Dr.Jacko

He Wasn't Gunning For That Response

Via poorlydrawnlines

Media's Effect on Reality

guns police - 7245195264
Created by ImagerGuy

Let's Hook Up and Bring Fiery Death

Charlie Sheen guns Lord of the Rings orcs winning - 4514894080
Created by Boat

If There Were No Guns The World Would Be Way Better

guns sick truth swords web comics - 8129754368
Via Poorly Drawn Lines
nature guns drinking kids technology sad but true parents web comics - 637445

20 Snapshots of What Being a Parent is Like

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There's Always Another Shot

guns jk bad puns - 7205592064
Created by DoggySpew

Everybody's a Critic

acting criticism guns kick ass kids nicolas cage - 4537366784
Created by TTTERocks

An Old Adage

noses guns gross friends funny web comics - 7829781504
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

The Case of The Package of Bees

guns bears awesome bees web comics - 8270481920
Via Poorly Drawn Lines


Cats Caturday csi guns justin bieber - 4517639936
See all captions Created by KHUSHALftw

And Recite Lines From Home Alone, Ya Filthy Animal

guns Home Alone gangsters funny - 7409654784
Created by Unknown

Serious V-Gamers Will Understand This Monument Towards This Trope in Video Gaming

Via Anything Comic

The Truest Love Story

guns couples love - 7257017600
Created by jamesflames


celebutard guns Xxzibit xzhibit - 3219803392
Created by Unknown

Fashion Cat's Big Problem

guns fashion Cats houses shooting web comics - 8421773312
Via Zine Police