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Hey Camels Can't Use the Internets!

camel confused google search - 4637477632
Created by Unknown

I'm Switching to Google+

dafuq facebook google poll social network the internets - 4892037888
Created by SamTheWomanizer

An Answer to An Age Old Question

google owls web comics - 8134148608
Created by fergieflo ( Via Toonhole )


animals babes fox google google image search megan fox tails the internets - 4149945856
See all captions Created by tsukixkumori

Do You Have a Coworker Like This?

monday thru friday coworkers computer google g rated - 8427627776
Via neonnoodle

Sorry G+

google google+ the internets web comics google+ - 8168088320
Via Cinismo Ilustrado

So Thats What The 20th Century Looked Like

Babies Cats google google image search history hitler wtf - 4554857472
See all captions Created by cragglemchamer

You Can Also Use Your Phone to Play Games

google web comics saw You Can Also Use Your Phone to Play Games
Via jim-benton-cartoons

Grandma, Noooo!

glasses grandma embarassing google - 6870991360
Via Gunshowcomic

But I'm Not in Yet...

From the Movies google social network zuckerberg - 4969527040
Via mypantsareonfire.tumblr.com

Searching For Shame

Via Mr. Lovenstein

One Bush to Rule Them All

bush George Bush google search - 4606652672
Created by electrodinosaur

See You Suckers on Google+

facebook google srsly the internets ugh - 5033413632

The Only Way to Troll Hanks

google tom hanks - 4608676608
Created by Unknown


animals Cats google google image search puns the internets wtf - 4254625024
See all captions Created by phnxme7

What's a CD Changer?

google hats wtf web comics - 7972945152
Via The Big Awesome