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Information Temptation

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Via Tapastic

And Evolution Is Just a Theory

cia conspiracy dinosaurs friends google TV - 6402247680
Via Ohheymelshay


animals Cats google google image search puns the internets wtf - 4254625024
See all captions By phnxme7

Recursive Googling

pictures wtf recursive google - 7400971008
Via So Chill Network

Grandma, Noooo!

glasses grandma embarassing google - 6870991360
Via Gunshowcomic

Aren't You Supposed to Help Me With My Paper?

google pr0n the internets - 6335974656
Via Completely Serious Comica

What's a CD Changer?

google hats wtf web comics - 7972945152
Via The Big Awesome

Don't Check The Search History, This is The Most Innocent Search

sad but true Cats google web comics - 8104192768
By Origami_Heart (Via Anything Comic)


google me gusta period - 4647690496
See all captions By dannyk0927

Where Would You Like to Live?

facebook google myspace social network the internets tumblr - 4970156800
Via http://thisisheffner.tumblr.com

Somebody Tell Me These Aren't Serious Searches

google - 7112881920
By Shannara13

An Answer to An Age Old Question

google owls web comics - 8134148608
By fergieflo (Via Toonhole)

Glad They Picked That One

google web comics - 8422783488
Via Lonnie Millsap

Now Laugh, Mendoza

jokes simpsons chrome google - 7245167360
By lkaezadl3

Do You Have a Coworker Like This?

monday thru friday coworkers computer google g rated - 8427627776
Via neonnoodle

Who Writes the Answers?

google web comics work Who Writes the Answers?
Via victimsofcircumsolar
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