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This Happens All Too Often

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47 Highly Entertaining and Amazing Web Comics That Won't Fail to Crush Your Saturday Hangover

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The Fish Mafia Isn't To Be Trifled With

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Learning With Sesame Street!

Sesame Street funny web comics - 7812458240
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A Handy Guide For Preparing For Winter

winter funny web comics - 7863817216
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I Was Sick of Pouty Starks

Grumpy Cat Game of Thrones spoilers funny - 7537851648
By mt420xx

Father And Son

mythbusters walrus funny - 7856316160
By Unknown
10 illustrated puns about animals - Cover image of a lazy kangaroo called a pouch potato

Funny Puns Brought To Life Through Illustrations

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I Don't Want That Kind of Angel

monster angels funny - 7463163136
By artbargra

First World Problems

wtf sad but true First World Problems funny - 7610908160
By Unknown

Why Go Outside When It's so Beautiful Inside?

lazy netflix funny web comics - 8819845632
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Life Can Be Difficult

life sad but true cookies funny web comics - 7777266176
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How Rude!

Beauty and the Beast disney cartoons funny - 8793694208
By Tineid (Via thepunchlineismachismo)

Levels Of Self-Esteem

self esteem halloween mirrors funny web comics - 7845919744
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So Call Me Crazy

overly attached girlfriend funny - 7423002112
By Chopstickdropkick

An Indescribably Insightful Look Into the Complex Mental Reasoning of a Dog When Playing Fetch

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