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Not The Hero Gotham Needs

ben affleck batman funny - 7763795200
Created by noble_shot


computers funny web comics - 7876099072
Created by Unknown

Granted, This in The Dystopic Future Where Media Coverage is a Little Weaker

Videogames funny - 7599452160
Created by Arilyn24

Wat R U Saying?!

Videogames idiots funny - 7533898752
Created by masterfeja
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But That Guy Was a Jerk Anyways

funny science web comics - 7905240320
Via Unearthed Comics

Allocating Funds

First World Problems furniture funny web comics - 7903794176
Via Casually Employed

But The Original Dubbing of Akira is So Tight

anime garfield subtitles pranks funny web comics - 7806230016
Via Shenanigans Ensue

Cures What Ails Ya

sad but true Charlie Sheen funny - 7630795776
Created by katweezel

But, but, It's Just a Pun Bro!

Via theunderfold

Walter, Now is Not The Time to Own Up to That

breaking bad business funny - 7843703552

I Wonder How Long The Mountain Dew Will Hold Out

joker GTA V funny - 7852739584
Created by SacredGray

Such an Evil Ploy

noses voldemort funny - 7530623744


cosplay funny - 7487484416
Created by ugn2010

What Is Real Life?

Via Jim Benton Cartoons

No Better Time to Be Alive

nostalgia funny web comics - 7831931392
Via Mediocre Comic
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