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Just Turned on The Lights And Now I've Lit My House on Fire

spiders nope funny - 7683018240
Created by lewisrobertson

This Is Why You Never Trust Greek Philosophers

funny philosophy web comics - 8808199680
Via rockpapercynic

Unlimited Data not available in all areas...

puns data funny AutocoWrecks - 7788849920
Created by tklump

Shouldn't Have Bothered Asking

dogs web comics Shouldn't Have Bothered Asking
Via Tyler Hendrix

Some Great Ideas For Halloween Costumes

costume halloween Sexy Ladies funny - 8341985536
Via GynoStar

Heeding Ancient Wisdom

funny college - 7571142656
Created by Unknown

No Really, The NSA Shared This Information With Me Earlier This Morning

NSA cooking obama oil funny - 7802256896
Created by spartan117andSully

Well, That Was Kind of Uncalled for Gramfel

Via nellucnhoj

It's the Simple Things

vampires Neil deGrasse Tyson funny - 7802593024
Created by internal_error

Let's Not Eat Our Words

funny web comics - 7896491008
Created by Sombrasuke ( Via Cyanide And Happiness )

Autumnal Bliss

funny web comics - 7831654400
Via The Gentleman's Armchair

Life Eats You Up

wtf chocolate funny web comics - 7934600704
Via Owl Turd

Since the Big Bang

well that escalated quickly cookies funny - 7510826752
Created by thedork649

Let's Say, "She's Not a Fan"

funny puns relationships web comics - 7913646080
Via Go Comics

ABC in a Nutshell?

Via Theproton

Til Death Do Us Part

funny relationships web comics - 7929052416
Created by callenro ( Via Gone Into Raptur )
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