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Does She Look Like A Witch!?

From the Movies monty python pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson - 6485308928
Created by SlightlySardonic

Have Some Faith, Professor

From the Movies Magneto professor x x men - 4976798720
Via raphmike.tumblr.com


apocalypse birds From the Movies Indiana Jones lol sean connery The Last Crusade - 4366158080
Created by The Frogman ( Via thefrogman.me )

The Holiest of Trinities

From the Movies star wars - 6233806848


cillian murphy Death From the Movies old people the internets - 4155245568
See all captions Created by mck94

My Kimono Won't Wear Itself

From the Movies mulan - 4824217088
Created by Risakat

The King Has Returned

From the Movies lion king simba - 5375715072

You Are Crazier Than Loki

Aliens avengers From the Movies loki Memes Thor - 6350168320
Created by PrincessWordplay

Or Did He?

From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio movies titanic - 6099045376

Reframe: I Hate the Next Generation...

Awards emma watson From the Movies kids choice kristen stewart movies - 6067808768
Created by Wonderland9393

You Don't Say

batman From the Movies Movie you dont say - 6102540288
Created by meganfoxfan1

Every Time

From the Movies internet star wars - 6088363008
Created by wouldntuknowit


bella celebutard derp edward cullen From the Movies twilight - 3781849344
See all captions Created by SomewhatSavvy


admiral ackbar From the Movies Michael Bay movies star wars transformers - 3616263680
See all captions Created by impliedorimlpode

As Long as That Doesn't Take Out the Flavor

bear grylls From the Movies iron man tony stark urine - 4775800064
Created by Unodinero


celebutard From the Movies keanu reeves usa - 3700198144
See all captions Created by charltonheston