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Have Some Faith, Professor

From the Movies Magneto professor x x men - 4976798720
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All Righty Then

ace ventura From the Movies hell Movie relationships - 6124723456
Created by Unknown


300 fast food From the Movies leonidas nom nom nom sparta - 3996686848
See all captions Created by Catcommando

And Uhhh I Like Uhhh to Uhhh

animals From the Movies jeff goldblum - 5584694784
Created by theIDIOTshowHUMANITY

Seems Legit

From the Movies lion king rhino seems legit - 5389401088
Created by Bendyrulz

It's the Future I Can See

best of week From the Movies future - 5300046848
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balls Bespin darth vader Empire Strikes Back From the Movies luke skywalker puns star wars - 4086522880
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Where Did She End?

black swan bruce lee dangerous From the Movies natalie portman - 4451611392
Created by Unknown


From the Movies good news Jackie Chan Karate Kid kung fu lies martial arts - 3925283584
See all captions Created by PedroVisnardi

Times Don't Always Change for the Better

best of week From the Movies gross Japan ugh why - 5382052608
Created by heilkitty

How the Crystal Skull Could Make Sense

From the Movies indestructible Indiana Jones meme nokia - 5910830336
Created by Jaegerschnitzel

Tough Grader

From the Movies gandalf Harry Potter Lord of the Rings you shall not pass - 5219053568
Created by djnbdy

I Think It's Called 'Dysuria'

From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio pee urine - 4973350144
Created by Unknown


From the Movies Office Space puns sex work - 4135887872
See all captions Created by ericsigurdson


300 From the Movies george washington sparta the internets - 3407437568
See all captions Created by kkehoe5


awesome falcor From the Movies kids lol - 4333674496
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