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Football fans grab your helmets and pads and start dribbling towards the goal. Whether you're all about the touchdown or bending it like Beckham, you won't leave disappointed. Sit back and check out some of the funniest football memes and jokes while you wait for the next match.

Leo's Game Plan

football Inception leonardo dicaprio puns sports - 4502323456
See all captions By gourrythecrazy

Being Married to a Football Fan is Rough

sad but true relationships football funny web comics - 7782341376
Via The Doghouse Diaries

Nun Shall Pass, Sistah

football nfl surgery the internets - 5306318848
By juligrilltalles

Full-Sized Foosball

Via thingsinsquares


football gandalf sports the internets you shall not pass - 4324989696
See all captions By SuperFudge

We Aren't Breaking The Prime Directive

Aliens Star Trek football funny - 7780729600
By kenbaker


celebutard football soccer sports time travel TV world cup - 3654970368
See all captions By JakeLim

Divine Intervention

sports football funny - 7567745792
By PrincessWordplay

Marshawn Lynch is Easily The Coolest Football Player in The Game

football sports web comics - 8436532736
Via The Draw Play

Coach McClever

sports football coach - 6836160768
By PrincessWordplay

I'm Ready, Coach!

coach football jim carrey the internets - 6085770752
By girogo91


football From the Movies leonardo dicaprio lol sports stealing TV walking - 4156640000
By GraveEater


Awards disease football sports talent TV - 3948719872
See all captions By NunesMagician

Football is Weird

football sports true story web comics - 8343673600
Via Wondermark


football sports TV - 4345306880
By dlipp60430

Can't They Just Go on Strike Again?

best of week facebook football the internets - 6415202816
By Unknown
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