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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Xzibit Accidentally the Whole Charlie

Charlie Sheen drugs the internets Xzibit yo dawg - 5616980992
By PrincessWordplay

It's Like the Water Is Touching Me!!

drugs the internets - 6120888576
By Pancakes23 (Via robbie and bobby)


skateboarding drugs brains eggs - 7411281920
By Unknown

Firefox has New Add On

animal best of week drugs firefox the internets - 6078386432
By Jo-Zeeworm

Check Yourself

Via Warehouse Comic

Is it in You?

Charlie Sheen drugs Tiger Woods - 4527262976
See all captions By jonrios520

Cloud Nine

cops drugs the internets - 6477390592
By Supa-C
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