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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

She Obviously Didn't Have Tiger's Blood

amy winehouse celebutard Charlie Sheen drugs rip - 5012935168
Via browncardigan.com

Cloud Nine

cops drugs the internets - 6477390592
By Supa-C


drugs From the Movies keanu reeves Morpheus neo pills the matrix unicorns - 4047776000
By Unknown

And Justice For All

Via Andy Singer

So That's Why Dog's Dig Holes

drugs dogs web comics - 8249758464
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Charlie Sheen: Not Even Once

celebutard drugs lindsay lohan meth - 4829023232
See all captions By revers517

Drugs Are Never The Answer

drugs web comics - 8405702400
Via The Duck Web Comics


animals drugs meth people sad but true sheep sheeple - 4089304832
By bryguy1319

Check Yourself

Via Warehouse Comic


amy winehouse britney spears celebutard celebutards drugs effective lindsay lohan - 3539489024
See all captions By ritzg2


alcohol amy winehouse celebutard celebutards drugs lindsay lohan - 3923363328
See all captions By Emit_Remmus

Wow, Technology Has Really Advanced Since My Last Trip

web comics drugs information Wow, Technology Has Really Advanced Since My Last Trip
Via twohighbros


animals drugs holidays Insanity Wolf sad but true the internets - 4263061760
See all captions By gabbyxx31

Minecraft: Sort of Like Drugs...

creeper drugs lizard minecraft scary video games - 4752488704
See all captions By hophin

Good Answer...

drugs From the Movies Office Space weed work - 4696662016
By installerblizzake


boobs csi drugs Horatio TV yeaaaah - 3609924608
See all captions By zakarranda
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