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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Everybody Likes Magic

drugs comedy funny magic - 7732426496
Created by redhood1

Water Vapor is NOT Cool, Kids

web comics Water Vapor is NOT Cool, Kids
Via pigminted

Drugs, You Say!

coke drugs the internets - 6018539776
Created by ricotter


alcohol amy winehouse celebutard celebutards drugs lindsay lohan - 3923363328
See all captions Created by Emit_Remmus


boobs csi drugs Horatio TV yeaaaah - 3609924608
See all captions Created by zakarranda

Charlie Sheen: Not Even Once

celebutard drugs lindsay lohan meth - 4829023232
See all captions Created by revers517

Xzibit Accidentally the Whole Charlie

Charlie Sheen drugs the internets Xzibit yo dawg - 5616980992
Created by PrincessWordplay

A Test

bear grylls Charlie Sheen drugs gross piss - 4561403648
Created by andy.fail

No Compromise!

compromise drugs hugs TV - 4917257216
Created by Unknown

Drug Ads Sure Are Convincing

drugs sad but true web comics - 8518357248
Created by tamaleknight ( Via Jim Benton )


celebutard celebutards drinking drugs jail lindsay lohan partying - 3784487680
See all captions Created by Waldemarrr

My Insulin!

drugs sad but true web comics - 8544273152
Via Safely Endangered

She Obviously Didn't Have Tiger's Blood

amy winehouse celebutard Charlie Sheen drugs rip - 5012935168
Via browncardigan.com


amy winehouse britney spears celebutard celebutards drugs effective lindsay lohan - 3539489024
See all captions Created by ritzg2

Everyone Has Their Demons

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

So That's Why Dog's Dig Holes

drugs dogs web comics - 8249758464
Via Poorly Drawn Lines
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