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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

You Have no Idea

Harry Potter Movie Grumpy Cat - 6992696576
By sixonefive72

Success: Re-election Bid

2012 arrested development best of week Movie obama TV - 5270480640
By Unknown

The Claw...

Aliens From the Movies Movie toy story x x everywhere - 6109900544

Classic: That Time of the Month

best of week From the Movies jack nicholson Movie the shining - 5967259648
By Unknown

He's Got Nothing On a Wizard!

Movie james bond skyfall gandalf wizard - 6840844288
By RyanDarkstar

Yer A Blizzard, Harry

blizzard From the Movies Hagrid Harry Potter Movie - 6288656896
By adamzopzop

Dirty Edward

gross Memes Movie twilight vampire - 5934886656
By manny_dize

Silence ALL the Ds!

Movie comic django unchained - 7019695104
Via K009

The Truth Behind Harry Potter

Harry Potter Movie stoner - 6749380352

Jack Never Died

best of week From the Movies Inception Memes Movie titanic - 6068960256
By jameshawkins555

Wanna Play a Game?

actor celeb john travolta Movie pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson - 6593844224
By pjammiez

This Is a Great Honor

first Movie noob rating the internets - 6219105024
By mewmew357

The Real Secret

Movie angry hulk avengers - 6747781632
By devlin1

Here, Kid. Screw Around With This

star wars Movie luke skywalker dead comic - 6992443648
By meganeguard (Via Jim Benton)

Seems Pretty Standard

Movie - 4579053824
By Unknown

It's Too Horrible to Speak Of...

Harry Potter Movie twilight - 6788508160
By Unknown
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