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This is Why Mario Lets You Die, Yoshi

video games yoshi nintendo secrets
Via Nintendo of America

Red Bull ESPORTS Just Rekt Monster Gaming on Twitter

twitter fight monster gaming red bull esports sick burn
Via Red Bull ESPORTS

This is the Saddest Twitter Fight I've Ever Seen

video games sonic mario twitter fight mustaches
Via sonic_hedgehog

Why Didn't We See This

twitter smash cloud - 8584866304
By Luchabro
twitter social media video games Video - 75764737

Watch Your Favorite Video Game Characters Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

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Gotta Seach Fast

twitter sonic the hedgehog puns - 8583576832
By AquaShldEXE (Via sonic_hedgehog)
Video the warp zone twitter - 74313729

If Video Games Had Twitter

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Konami Jacking Itself Off


Jaden Smith: Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney twitter phoenix wright - 8559878144
By Travis_Touchdown
twitter Video - 402436

Real Ride or Die Music

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Too Real? Too Real.


This Police Department is Cooler Than Your Police Department

twitter Mario Kart police - 8430981376
Via Philadelphia Police Department

When Joke Twitter Accounts Collide



twitter jigglypuff kirby - 8510925824
By Travis_Touchdown

A Reminder to Never Trust Screenshots

geek twitter hashtags viral nintendo - 517125

Twitter is Turning Nintendo Games Into Movies

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