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The Truth Can Hurt

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By CalebRhodes

The Patching Problem

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Oh, Snap

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Sony TV E32014 twitter - 192260

Sony Just Got Boring

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Missles Launched

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Guise, Games Tho....

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Shots Fired at EA

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The Main Problem With E3

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The Next Big Game

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Can't Wait for His Next Review

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At Least He Was Honest...

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By Unknown

What a Digital Dummy

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By ThJake
Twitter fight between Dan Stapleton and Angry YouTuber

Both Parties Look Ridiculous When IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton Calls Out YouTuber Angry Joe on Twitter

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The Original Kong, Cranky, Takes Over Nintendo's Twitter Feed and It's More Clever Than You Think

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By Unknown
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This Guy's Math Professor Really Loves Saints Row

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Let's All Watch the Internet Make Fun of the New Sonic Designs

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