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EA Would Be Upset if You Mentioned This at a Board Meeting

trolling EA Memes - 8006334976
By gimmethatmedpac
kinect trolling videos xbox one - 57506817

This Xbox One Owner Trolls With His Clever Gamertag

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You Can Never Have a Nice Dinner in Peace in Skyrim

fus ro dah Skyrim trolling - 7990730496
By Unknown
christmas trolling videos parenting - 57250561

How to Ruin Christmas for a Kid With Bad Grades

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This is How to Totally Legit Not Brick Your Xbox One Console and Unlock Backwards Compatibility

How to unlock backwards compatibility on xBox One - Screenshot
By deepdark (Via backcompatiblexbone)
blanka trolling videos Street fighter video games - 56248833

One Small Step for Blanka, One Huge Leap for Trolls

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My Favorite Character is Tom Clancy! He's Been in a Ton of Games!

video games trolling - 7896458496
By Unknown

Never Get in a Stranger's Car

Grand Theft Auto Online gifs trolling Grand Theft Auto video games - 7874170624
Via bs000

Ubisoft Trolls EA

Ubisoft trolling EA - 7856575744
Via assassinozockt
blanka trolling videos Street fighter - 55159041

Nobody is Better Than Blanka at Trolling

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trolling videos trolltube Street fighter fail nation - 54356737

Blanka is the Best Troll Ever

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Troll Love

trolling comics gamers video games web comics - 7753959424
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Half-Life 3 Screens

half life trolling - 7667673600
By Unknown


trolling - 7629582080
blanka trolling videos Street fighter - 52073985

Blanka is a Troll - Episode 2

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blanka trolling videos Street fighter - 51501057

Blanka is Such a Troll

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