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Never Forget...

bioshock trolling quotes - 8432512768
By The_Masters_Of_Unlocking
blanka trolling trolltube video games Video - 67245569

When Blanka Joins Your Video Game, You Are Sure to Get Trolled

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Square-Enix, The Ultimate Troll

trolling square enix final fantasy VII - 8397398528
By MarblesSwiftfoot
Mortal Kombat trolling Video - 67008769

Mortal Trolling Kombat

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trolling Video Street fighter trolltube - 65205505

The Best Way to Scare Your Friends is With Street Fighter Impressions

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Everyone Did This to Their Sibling

contra trolling jerks - 8298075136
Via Xexyz128

Troll Level: Sakurai

super smash bros trolling video games meta knight - 8284783616
Via @Sora_Sakurai

Square Enix: Master Trolls

Chrono Trigger trolling square enix squaresoft - 8264153344
Via nrvalleytime
trolling Video super horn - 62540545

Trolling With the Super Horn

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trolling trolltube dark souls Video - 61111297

The Best Way to Troll in Dark Souls is to Become the Enemy

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Just Some Plain Reviews for Portal 2

trolling steam reviews - 8166048256
Via Steam
mega64 Video trolling trolltube - 59915009

Mega64's Story About a Man Named Stanley

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obama videos trolling trolltube - 59506689

President Obama Plays Titanfall

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trolling videos trolltube dark souls II - 59422209

Dark Souls II Trolling

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Get Rekt Son

ebay video games trolling nba2k14 - 8018996224
By Unknown
call of duty obama trolling videos video games - 57786625

Obama Plays Call of Duty: Ghosts to Educate More People About

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