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New Friends Appear Out of Nowhere

safely endangered comics tetris - 7645792000
Via Safely Endangered

The Tetris Tie

awesome tetris - 7628797440
Created by Unknown
videos amazing tetris - 50962177

Algorithm Draws Video Game Characters by Playing Tetris

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I Couldn't Live Without Them

tetris funny - 7471165440
Created by RDash64

Now the Tetris Theme Song is Stuck in Your Head

IRL video games tetris - 7349194752
Via Amazon
stop motion videos tetris - 49082113

Stop Motion Chalk Art: Tetris

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Music doctor who video games tetris Music FAILS g rated - 48741633

This Mashup Has Just About Everything...

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did you know tetris - 6958973696
Via The New Tetris

Video Games Make You Violent

rage violence video games tetris - 6939868160
Created by anthropocene

At Least I Can Buy Whatever Games I Want as an Adult

tetris - 6916144640
Created by Unknown

I Can't Win

drunk tetris - 6738655232
Created by Unknown

Tetris Strikes Again

buildings tetris - 6729943552
Created by Unknown
awesome pumpkin carving tetris Video - 43929089


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I Always Lose

love tetris forever alone - 6660012800
Via catchafirebaby

8-bit Dream

8 bit clock tetris the internets want - 6526457600
Created by Jazzure

You'll Get a New High Score, They Said

high score meme physics tetris They Said - 6473941248
Created by goog96