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Russian Air Strike

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Created by tamaleknight

World's Most Infuriating Gif

tetris gif

When Tetris Turns on You

tetris - 8581771264
Created by FilipMilanko ( Via Tessellate )

Rage Quit!

physics rage quit tetris - 8456212224
Via Kongregate
tetris Video awesome games done quick - 67772673

The Highlight of Awesome Games Done Quick Was This Absolutely Mind-blowing Game of Tetris

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Instructions Are for Squares

lamp light tetris - 8411749120
PlayStation 4 tetris Video - 67287297

Ubisoft Keeps Digging Their Own Grave by Royally Messing Up Tetris on PS4. Yes, Tetris, the Game You Can Play Fine on a Calculator

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Video Game Character Regrets

doom video games tetris mario - 8385189376
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via kate-n-bd )
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This Year's Big Blockbuster is Tetris

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Let's Get This Party Started

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Via maximumble

Relationship Gap

gifs relationships tetris web comics - 8266422272
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Pidjin )

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

gifs no why tetris - 8210051072
Via Know Your Meme

I'm 12 and This is Deep

tetris - 8132631552
Via VallleyNL

Tetris Can Make Tedious Work a Sorta Fun Game

tetris web comics - 8015600384
Via Jim Benton
kids Pokémon tetris videos - 57249281

This Video Gave Me Cancer

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Tetris - Rule 34

game boy Rule 34 tetris - 7853339904
Created by Unknown
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