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Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

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Of All These Unforgettably Embarrassing Goals on FIFA 16, Which One's the King of Shame?

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This Sore Loser Took His Crushing FIFA Defeat Like A True Weakling

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I Believe I Can Fly

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True Love in FIFA 16

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If Only Real Soccer Were Like This

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Stop Diego, I'm Warning You

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Free Kick Physics

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A Moment From Every '90s Kid's Childhood

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FIFA Leg Fail

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Forget the World Cup, Kiss Me

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Booty Had Me Like...

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FIFA '15 Has Some Super-Realistic Graphics

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Cannot Unsee

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BRB Gone Swimming

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Simply Soccer

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FIFA Gets More Hardcore Every Year

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