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Hardcore Nerds Need Hardcore Games

Challenge Accepted calculator snake - 7807465216
By LocoGuy107

At Least Raiden Kept His Voice Actor

raiden E32013 metal gear solid V metal gear snake - 7564369920
By RaidenDP
metal gear solid V videos konami snake - 51076097

Hayters Gonna Hayte

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metal gear solid video games funny snake - 7453235200
By Bandersnatch

Snake is Such a Prankster

gifs trolling pranks snake funny - 7429891584
By Unknown

Scumbag Snake

scumbag metal gear solid Memes snake - 6883492096
By Clucknadus

The Traps Are Alive

traps metal gear solid video game logic snake - 6883467008
By Clucknadus


meme metal gear solid snake - 6704034304

Metal Gear Telemarketing

meme metal gear solid snake - 6264335360
By Unknown

Step One: Put Snake In a Box

best of week box fandom It Came From the Interwebz snake video games - 5907810048
By flashwitch (Via Something of That Ilk)

Valve Stole the Orange Box from Metal Gear!

box Like a Boss metal gear snake stealing valve video games - 5491838464
By czarmy

Best Cosplay Ever


The Totally True Snake is a Cattle Theory

theories spoilers cattle snake - 8454273280
By danieldelgrande
realism super smash bros mario Video snake - 68614145

Realistic Super Smash Bros.

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Snake Knows How to Cause a Broken Heart

funny snake - 8035219200
By Unknown


metal gear solid video game logic snake - 7613368832
By adio260