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I'm So Glad Sega Got Out of the Console Business

consoles sega the internets - 5934605824
Created by Unknown

Kombat Kontrols

Mortal Kombat scorpion sega the internets - 5986179328
Created by Unknown

Lost World Was His Last Hoorah

sega sonic - 8444258304
Created by yoshisaredragons

So Much Better Than Atari Flashback!

stores sega - 7983148800
Created by LocoGuy107

Poor, Cheap Spidey

dreamcast next gen sega - 7932636672
Created by Unknown
wii U videos sega IGN sonic - 51073025

A Tour of Sonic Lost World

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videos sega trailers - 49338113

Looks Like There Will Be a Remake of Castle of Illusion

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Nintendo Used to Be Ruthless

game boy sega ads mario nintendo - 7153471744
Via Nintendroid

Dear Khoas Emrl s, How Me a Hedgehog Learned Collect Rings

meme sega sonic - 6544843520
Created by Unknown

His Bit Level's Over 16

final form meme sega - 6487750400
Created by deathwish01b

Twitter Handles

IRL pikachu sega twitter - 6286679296
Created by Unknown

Excuse Me While I Facepalm

classic facepalm meme nintendo 64 old school sega snes - 6066003200
Created by Unknown

The Music Is Fantastic Though

best of week sega sonic video games - 5915223808
Created by Cubonator
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