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Sonic the Hedgehog Is Here to Make Everyone Feel Better After Election Night

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Sega's All About the Nostalgia In Their Latest Commercial For 'Sonic Mania'

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Sega Pulls a Solid, Encourages Fans to Keep Making Sonic Stuff, and Makes Fun of Nintendo in the Process

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Sudden Realization

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The Gaming Companies out There Be Like

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Knuckles Has Been Living a Lie

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This is the Saddest Twitter Fight I've Ever Seen

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Whenever a New Yakuza Game is Announced


Best Sticker Placement Ever

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This Sega Game Gear Commercial From the '90s Shows What a Real Console War Looks Like

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Dreamcast Controllers Were a Little Weird

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Not a Bad Start


This Has Got to Be the Weirdest Crossover EVER!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Logic

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If Sega Owned Mario

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Game Freak X Sega?

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