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Created by PhillyWonken
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Resident Evil Mutates Into an Honest Trailers Sandwich

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Resident Evil 5 Ending in a Nutshell

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DooM: The Mercenaries

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Seems Legit

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Did You Know Gaming - Resident Evil Part 2

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The Safest Place for Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns While Killing Giant Monsters With a Knife

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Created by RobinGMS

Resident Evil Logic

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Created by Waddle-Moogle ( Via joueurdugrenier )
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Applying for a Job at the Umbrella Corporation is Probably a Bad Idea

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Well, Put Him Out of His Misery...

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What am I Supposed to Be Policing... Zombies?

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Via longcon

Zombies Aren't the Only Problem

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Rest in Peace, Leon

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Created by shiki201

Meanwhile at CAPCOM HQ...

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Created by shiki201