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The New Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer Brings Us Back To Spencer Mansion

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The New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Is Full of Nightmare Fuel

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Resident Evil $: Cash Cow

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Resident Evil 5 gifs resident evil - 8748988160
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I Can See It Right There!

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Resident Evil Has the Original Scumbag Steve


Resident Evil Enemies Were Nasty as Hell


"What'll It Be, Stranger?"


I'm Just Going to Back Away From This Car Slowly...

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40 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Video Game Logic

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Whaddya Buyin', Stranger?


He Just Wants to Become a Real Boy

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Umm, Should I Be Concerned?


How Quickly They Change Their Tune

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Wesker Has Some Sweet Moves

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There's Something Brand New in the Resident Evil Remake

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