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I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

among us video game 99 impostors survival

'Among Us With 99 Impostors' Imagines Taking The Game To The Next Level

Doesn't get much SUS-er than this.
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gaming stream fail streamer misses basic game functions

Streamer Invests 95 Hours In Game, Then Discovers Tutorial Level

Oh, so that's how you side hop in this game.
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Video - 348167

Watch as This Mom Completely Freaks Out Playing VR Horror Game

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Video - 9005615104
Via chasingcars4
overwatch Video Game Coverage mash up video games Cats Video - 84817921

Overwatch But With Cats Is a Direct Shot of Good Feels to the System

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FAIL video games Video - 84685313

Watching This Grandpa Come to Terms with His Favorite MMO Being Shut Down After 17 Years Is a Direct Shot to the Feels

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Video Game Coverage halo xbox video games xbox 360 Video - 84643841

Leaked Footage Emerges of Unreleased Halo Game, Shows What Was Going to Be LEGO Halo for XBOX 360

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christmas virtual reality technology reactions video games Video - 1287685

Watching All These First Time VR Users Open Their Gifts and Set Foot Into a New Reality Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Video Game Coverage video games Video hideo kojima - 83919105

Hideo Kojima Premieres New 'Death Stranding' Trailer at Game Awards 2016

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funny video games grand theft auto v Grand Theft Auto Video Video Game Coverage - 83235841

Watch This Dude Playing GTA V Manage to Sink a Yacht With 100 Bodies, Cause Reasons

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Video Game Coverage video games Video - 83008001

This Adventure Game Will Let You Explore Ancient Ruins Through the Perspective of a Wolf

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This Dude Spent 4.5 Years Building a Dreamlike Fantasy Kingdom in Minecraft

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doom video games Video - 82766081

Two Guys Created A Badass Doom Bot That Can Learn to Play Better Than Humans

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video games Super Mario bros mario Video - 82747649

True Mario Dedication Is Making A Nine-Minute Video About Mario's Eye Blinking Mechanics

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parody video games mario Video - 82662145

Super Mario Galaxy IRL Looks Dangerous

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video games win Video Super Mario bros - 82336001

Level Up Through Super Mario World in 81,032 Dominoes

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