Very Demotivational



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Time to Just Give Up

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Sister-in-law makes the bride cry, so she gets booted from the wedding | AITA Kicking My Sister--law Out My Wedding? So my now sister--law has been pain my now wifes' ass very long time. She is always trying one up" her every way possible have also heard lot stories where she has done some pretty messed up stuff my wife, including skinny dipping with her ex while my wife and him were still together, Lying and saying liked her first highschool) which is completely untrue just break us up, and

Sister-In-Law Makes Bride Cry, Gets Booted From Wedding

She had to go.
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Why Not Make it Official

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Maybe You Should Have Gotten a Better Car

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relationship memes that sum up marriage and being married as good as your wife tells you they are

These Memes Totally Sum Up Your Miserable Marriage Life

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Only a Weasley Could Do It

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What a Guy

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Just Once Though

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Marital Bliss at its Finest

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It's One of the Circles of Hell

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When Did Vader Get Married?

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