Very Demotivational


An Elegant Solution

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Need Some Time Away From the Wife?

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That's Got to Hurt

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Now That's a Question

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It's One of the Circles of Hell

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Now That's Sacred

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Everything Needs More Scoring

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Either Way It's Depressing

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Pretty Much the Opposite

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A funny petty revenge story about how sapphires aren't a Karen's best friend | r/pettyrevenge u/rosexknight Sapphires aren't Karen's best friend. Not my story but my cousin's. Let's call him Dave. So Dave (34M dating Karen really long time (like 4 years) and earlier this year he finally proposed. Now, Karen bit gold digger and very entitled person. She bit white trailer trash but fancied herself rich lady. She VERY vocal all other women family about she wanted traditional diamond ring

Petty Revenge Tale: Sapphires Enrage Karen

Good for Dave.
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Wives Are Super Helpful

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Are You Going to Watch Her Evolve?

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