Very Demotivational


What a Way to Go

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By Unknown

Failure Is Not an Option

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By beernbiccies

Now That's a Deal!

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By Unknown

Seems Like a Good Set of Priorities

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Twilight Lovers Are Liars

Harry Potter funny math percentage twilight - 8335998208
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It Does Make You Pretty Super

costume superhero funny - 7834738432
By xyzpdq1

Dammit Ron!

Ron Weasley truck funny - 8385240064
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One Strange Fruit Fish

fish funny fruit - 4059531264
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Yes, You Are

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Best Escape/Vacation

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By Blackbird33

Well Said.

kids scene idiots funny - 7646153472
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Now That's a Good Meal

firetruck idiots funny - 3800124160
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Fun For Everyone

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Someone Had a Strange Imagination

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The Sound of One Burger Clapping

calories food funny - 7879744768
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Get Ready to Get Excited, Copper

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