Very Demotivational


How Do You Reach the High Ones?

wtf toilet paper bathroom funny - 8431368704

No One Wants This But Pitbull

wtf bald idiots funny earth - 8392974592

So Are They the Same Company Now?

pepsi coke funny - 8321221632
A collection of things that look like food, but definitely aren't | put an orange on my cat and now he looks like an egg | wood cut into slabs that look like bacon strips

Forbidden Foods To Avoid At All Costs

Must resist the urge.
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The Internet Is Having an Off Day

the internets funny justin bieber - 8109468928
Via google

Nope, Some Are Just Boring

boring people idiots funny - 7677903872

I'm Moving to Germany

america Germany funny - 7969195520

What an Angelic Presence

angel funny internet wtf - 7939824640

One Hell of an Equation

wtf girlfriend math funny - 7841745152

His New Bestie

lizards wtf Cats funny animals - 7865357312

Parenting Pro-Tips

twins funny parents - 8364126976

What a Ride

donkey funny pimp my ride - 8439862784

Just Chill Bro

wait cat dogs funny animals - 8088887296
Created by brenzef

Sheep Hate Science

Gravity science funny - 8068646912

Best Day Ever

sexy times funny wtf selfie - 8180221184

Call It Whatever You Want, the Results Are the Same

FAIL falling idiots funny - 7793575168
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