Very Demotivational


The Ultimate Tetris Enthusiast

wtf buildings video games tetris funny - 7863812096
Created by Unknown

Did You Eat Turkey Legs or Something?

sign sexy times funny - 7980024320
Created by xyzpdq1

He's Cooler Than You

cool guns wtf weight funny - 7722125824
Created by Unknown

It's a Hell of a Drug

after drug stuff funny before - 7953827584
Created by Unknown

So You Became a Hive?

wtf creepy bees funny - 7783674624
Created by brenzef

Sorry, It's True

test funny otaku - 8147409920
Via Unknown

Quick Get the Delousing Powder!

TV girls funny - 8456252160
Created by Unknown


bomb Minesweeper bad luck video games funny - 8075727872
Created by Unknown

Only Once

wtf drunk tank funny - 7831842048
Created by Unknown

Know Your Toilet Paper Etiquette

date toilet paper funny - 7668636672
Created by anselmbe

Sometimes You Just Need to Take Your Mind Off Things

smartphone poop bored funny - 8407994368
Created by Unknown

Well, That's Strange

search Germany language funny google - 8102270464
Created by Unknown

I Have No Idea How to Fix That

wtf incompetence funny - 7736594688
Created by Unknown

That Seems Dangerous

huge funny no no tubes road wtf - 8355205632
Created by Unknown

Just an Obnoxious Thing

old guys funny - 7614164992
Created by plspencer

Zero Percent Success Rate

wtf success axe funny - 7878017536
Created by Unknown
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