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star wars

Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

Joakim Noah Totally Looks Like Chewbacca from Star Wars

basketball chewbacca funny sports star wars TLL - 6517957888
Created by brownsherrod2010

Kalervo Kummola Totally Looks Like Boss Nass

Boss Nass funny Movie star wars TLL - 6203612416
Created by Unknown


star wars - 1459505408
Created by gaki


cars star wars - 1357023488
Created by Unknown

Unmasked Darth Vader Totally Looks Like Humpty Dumpty

darth vader funny star wars TLL - 6277252352
Created by aaron1138


cartoons star wars yoda - 1544608512
Created by bodaman

Deductive Logic, Totally Looks Like Style

animals darth vader religion star wars virgin mary - 4808858112
Created by Burning-Night

Robert Downey, Jr.'s Facial Hair Totally Looks Like the Rebel Alliance Emblem

celeb funny robert downey jr star wars TLL - 6238461696
Created by Unknown

Parkland High School Totally Looks Like Millenium Falcon

funny Movie star wars TLL - 6125465856
Created by Shanlot

Espresso Machine Totally Looks Like Luke Skywalker's Helmet

star wars totally looks like funny - 7927088128
Created by Unknown

Lawrence O'Donnell Totally Looks Like The AT-AT Commander

star wars Movie TLL funny politics - 6748278784
Created by ladycaasi

This Pistachio Totally Looks Like The Sarlacc

star wars TLL - 7070250240
Created by cmckee


actors george clooney Mark Hamill star wars young - 4012114432
Created by Katsuro

New MLK Memorial Totally Looks Like Han Solo In Carbonite

actors Han Solo Harrison Ford star wars statue - 5121499904
Created by bobaphat

Han Solo Mimobot Flash Drive Totally Looks Like Malcolm Reynolds

Hall of Fame Han Solo nathan fillion sci fi star wars technology - 4615681024
Created by Apprentice3

This Coffee Maker Totally Looks Like Darth Vader's helmet

star wars TLL darth vader - 6974382592
Created by amencarini