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I mustache you not to laugh, these majestic pieces of facial hair are a man's (or woman's) crowning show of vigor. Some may just grow it out endlessly, others may style it, and still others create a diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg from their lip whiskers. So enjoy how far someone can take a mustache joke and check out these memes and gifs all about the stash.

This Puppy Totally Looks Like Daniel Day-Lewis

mustache puppy totally looks like daniel day-lewis funny - 7541568768
By yeptea

Jack Nicholson Totally Looks Like The I Lied! Rage Face

Hall of Fame jack nicholson mustache Rage Comics rage face - 5021787392
By VerbalVenom


cartoons cinderella king mustache old man wilford brimley - 3546658816
By imjr24


mustache tom selleck - 4371579648
By Unknown


cartoons comedians jeff foxworthy mustache - 4050240768
By RemNinja

This Lorax Tattoo Totally Looks Like The "Too Damn High" Guy, Jimmy McMillan

beard dr seuss lorax mustache the lorax - 5122291968
By WilliamKeckler

He's a Policeman and a Spaceman?!

mustache chris hadfield totally looks like funny - 7468518912
By Chris Ironside


animals Cats Hall of Fame lolcats mustache - 3742600192
By exitacademy


actor mel gibson mr potato head mustache toy story - 4001090560
By Unknown

This Cat Totally Looks Like Nigel Thornberry

animals cartoon characters cat ginger mustache mustaches nigel thornberry pet redhead redheads - 5165032960
By aizitzer


comic strips mustache wilford brimley - 2557914112
By Unknown

Duran Carmen Totally Looks Like Al from "Toy Story"

animated animation cartoons glasses Movie mustache mustaches random guy random person toy story - 5268011776
By NewDimensions


logos mustache pringles - 2759902464
By iloveraptors


cartoons family guy mustache news - 3367381760
By Brieshon


criminal mustache sonic the hedgehog - 4012306432
By Katsuro

Toyota Trucks Logo Totally Looks Like Frank Zappa

cars frank zappa logo musician mustache toyota - 4414498560
By GrolschMan
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