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My Dog Totally Looks Like A Flower

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By sherlyn
Funny Twitter thread about how medieval artists didnt know what animals looked like, had to guess or get creative | Daniel Holland @DannyDutch thread medieval paintings animals look nothing like real animals because artist had never seen them. Starting with Oyster | This elephant with tornado trunk. By Jacob van Maerlant Der Naturen Bloeme

Twitter Thread: Medieval Artists Had No Idea What Animals Looked Like

Here's to creative guesswork.
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Taylor Swift Totally Looks Like this dog

taylor swift Music TLL dogs funny animals - 6791323392
By maleficence

Kate Moss Totally Looks Like a Goofy Dog

animals dogs model teeth - 5218668544
By carsanchez

Pau Gasol Totally Looks Like This Angry Ostrich

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By AbbeyRoad52


animals Cats lolcats Owl - 4340080640
By dano69


animals dogs scottish terrier - 1708519168
By pixeldust

Derpy Giraffe Totally Looks Like Yoda

animals derp giraffes star wars yoda - 4599704064
By Afyre1


animals dogs the addams family TV - 2628004608
By SteveZizzle

Alpaca Totally Looks Like Gary Oldman as Zorg

actors alpaca animals Gary Oldman movies the fifth element - 4730099968
By masscommteacher

White Peacock Totally Looks Like Dandelion

animals birds dandelion plant - 4423235072
By Unknown

This Cat Totally Looks Like This Girl

animals Cats creepy expression girl lolcats - 4501528320
By Unknown


animals big bang theory goat Hall of Fame happy jim parsons Sheldon Cooper TV - 3694552064
By grubbs

John D. Rockefeller Totally Looks Like This Sea Turtle

animals turtle - 4429082880
By anthony_strobeck

Tarsier Totally Looks Like Yoda

animals star wars yoda - 4583368448
By mrussoniello

Beluga Whale Totally Looks Like the Joker

actor the joker TLL heath ledger funny animals - 6789436416
By ky_moll