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animals giraffes TV - 4057266688
Created by devinleighverhulst

Alpaca Totally Looks Like Gary Oldman as Zorg

actors alpaca animals Gary Oldman movies the fifth element - 4730099968
Created by masscommteacher


actor animals hair style llama Samuel L Jackson - 2676578560
Created by mlonneman

Limahl (Kajagoogoo) Totally Looks Like Sea Anemone

Music TLL funny animals - 6848540928
Created by androcity

This Potato Totally Looks Like This Seal

animals potato seal - 5022176768
Created by Ethebronyluver

Wake Island Totally Looks Like A Manatee

animals island manatee - 4464348160
Created by Baviaan


animals goat Madonna musician singer - 2662373120
Created by Adrig

Pumpkin the Japanese Chin Totally Looks Like Katy Perry in 'California Girls'

animals bikini dogs katy perry pet pumpkins - 5248321024
Created by chelseafletcher86 ( Via Superbuddy Pets Blog by Pumpkin and Menace )


animals beluga cars snow whale - 3232856320
Created by kellykelly


actor albino animals gorilla - 2532609536
Created by Unknown

Adam Sandler Totally Looks Like Sarah Jessica Parker

actor actors actress actresses adam sandler animals horse sarah jessica parker - 5233571072
Created by robospark
photos of animals that look like food

Hilarious Twitter Pairs Photos Of Animals With The Foods They Look Like

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animals Cats lolcats Owl - 4340080640
Created by dano69

This Dog Totally Looks Like Jack Nicholson (The Shining)

actors animals dogs jack nicholson movies the shining - 4693131008
Created by enrique130


animals ET fish movies puppets - 1851377408
Created by SoSaysSunny

TLL Classics: This Eel Totally Looks Like Mr. Herbert from "Family Guy"

animals animation cartoons classics family guy - 5065944064
Created by Unknown
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