Totally Looks Like


Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Killface Totally Looks Like The Engineer from Prometheus

funny Movie prometheus TLL - 6604735488
By donnie_dee

RV (2006) Totally Looks Like Tourist Trap (1998)

funny Movie poster TLL - 6368569600
By ReActive528

The Princess Bride Albino Totally Looks Like Junion Gorg

albino fraggle rock funny Movie princess bride TLL TV - 5119029504
By TeeBird13

David Cross Totally Looks Like E.T.

80s actor arrested development celeb David Cross ET funny Movie TLL TV - 6504064512
By TuckerBentley

Slimer from Ghostbusters Totally Looks Like actor Don Rickles

actor funny Ghostbusters Hall of Fame Movie slimer TLL - 6159184384
By runb4theycu

Ferngully's Cave Man Totally Looks Like Potato Jesus

art ecco homo funny Movie TLL - 6591805440
By kytetiger

The Louis Vuitton Building Totally Looks Like A Sandcrawler

building funny Movie star wars TLL - 6299391744
By Dexzeitgeist

Grand Moff Tarkin Totally Looks Like John Tyler

funny grand moff tarkin history Movie star wars TLL - 6526238720
By jackvane007

Jessie J Totally Looks Like Silhouette from Watchmen

celeb funny Movie TLL - 5854587648
By postito


Movie resident evil video game - 3474786304
By Drignor

Problem Child Movie Poster Totally Looks Like Parenthood Movie Poster

funny Movie poster TLL - 6383550208

Captain Gutt from Ice Age 4 Totally Looks Like Pauly D from Jersey Shore

jersey shore Movie TLL pauly d ice age reality tv funny - 6708181248
By armandsti

Roller Coaster Girl Totally Looks Like Heimlich from A Bug's Life

a bugs life funny Hall of Fame Movie TLL - 6073239040
By Unknown

This Woman Totally Looks Like Violet Beauregard

fat funny Hall of Fame lady Movie TLL Willy Wonka - 5048851456

Duran Carmen Totally Looks Like Al from "Toy Story"

animated animation cartoons glasses Movie mustache mustaches random guy random person toy story - 5268011776
By NewDimensions

Gregory Bauge Totally Looks Like Frozone (The Incredibles)

animation frozone funny London 2012 Movie olympics the incredibles TLL - 6488195328
By reddevil97
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