Totally Looks Like

Edward Herrmann Totally Looks Like Harry Anderson

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Katy Perry Totally Looks Like Snow White

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hillary clinton totally looks like Box from logan's Run

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Maria Menounos Totally Looks Like Paula Abdul

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Paula Deen Totally Looks Like Patti Newton

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Nick Fury Totally Looks Like Philip Blake

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Channing Tatum Totally Looks Like Forrest Griffin

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John Malkovich (Mary Reilly; 1996) Totally Looks Like Tommy Wiseau

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Beezow Doo-Doo- ZipittyBop-Bop-Bop Totally Looks Like Johnny Depp

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Francois Cluzet Totally Looks Like Dustin Hoffman

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James Franco Totally Looks Like Columbo

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Kitchen Brush Totally Looks Like Pauly D

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Liam Neeson Totally Looks Like Fidel Castro

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Young Victor Hugo Totally Looks Like Taylor Swift

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