Totally Looks Like


adam savage composer mythbusters TV - 2154861824
Created by AllyndNoir

Sky Blu from "LMFAO" Totally Looks Like Kirk Hammett from "Metallica"

funny lmfao metallica TLL - 5584906240
Created by Unknown


leonardo dicaprio - 3907764480
Created by MacBean

This Cat Totally Looks Like An Ewok

totally looks like Cats - 7393040128
Created by VoodooCherry

Madea (Tyler Perry) Totally Looks Like Suga Momma (Proud Family)

actor animation celeb funny TLL - 6439037952
Created by Unknown

George Carlin Totally Looks Like Sigmund Freud

george carlin totally looks like Sigmund Freud funny - 7699775488
Created by onetwothreefourfivesix

TLL Classics: Richard Harris in “Unforgiven” Totally Looks Like David Carradine

actors classics richard harris - 5069704960
Created by Unknown

Young Alfred Hitchcock Totally Looks Like Young Walt Disney

alfred hitchcock celeb director funny TLL walt disney - 6512076288
Created by potzorbie

This Biscuit Totally Looks Like Ethyl

dinosaurs food funny TLL - 6189329664
Created by cesar_ai

This Doctor Totally Looks Like General Zod

general zod totally looks like funny - 7787649536
Created by Unknown

Lady Gaga @ 2012 Grammys Totally Looks Like Tyra Banks

Grammys lady gaga TLL Tyra Banks - 5829445376
Created by ichc.brian

Referee Nick Patrick Totally Looks Like Danny McBride as Kenny Powers

actor TLL funny - 6782305280
Created by cmarston06

Skrillex Totally Looks Like Nanna from Of Monsters and Men

Music skrillex TLL funny - 6711514624
Created by Unknown


animation cartoons hair style heat miser model - 2946663168
Created by Elfae48

James Young (Styx) Totally Looks Like James Hetfield (Metallica)

funny Hall of Fame James Hetfield metallica Music styx TLL - 6009261568
Created by Mandilore

Mt Saint Michael, France Totally Looks Like Tangled Kingdom

disney france funny geography tangled TLL - 5453674752
Created by lunaduck