Totally Looks Like

Bret Hart Totally Looks Like Benjamin Franklin

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Created by TuckerBentley

Daniel Day Lewis Totally Looks Like Morrissey

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Uruk Hai Totally Looks Like Miley Cyrus

Lord of the Rings orcs totally looks like miley cyrus funny - 7786494976
Created by Unknown

Cee Lo Green Totally Looks Like Totoro

animation cee-lo green celeb funny TLL totoro - 6457279488
Created by lolobeanhead


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Created by jgataz

Gul Dukat Totally Looks Like Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock TLL - 7094610688
Created by drZaius

Pavel Datsyuk Totally Looks Like A Guitar Pick

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Created by Unknown

This Mannequin Totally Looks Like Justin Bieber

mannequin totally looks like funny justin bieber - 7865492992
Created by Meatbaby100PercentOfficial

John C. Reilly Totally Looks Like Chef Gordon Ramsay

actors chef comedians comedy gordon ramsay john c reilly - 5059711232
Created by Unknown

Sen. Fred Thompson Totally Looks Like Kelsey Grammer

kelsey grammer totally looks like funny - 7590328832
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Emma Watson Totally Looks Like Lana del Rey

actor emma watson funny lana del rey Music TLL - 6332319488
Created by cookievainillacacao


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