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actress megan fox - 3544650240
Created by GothicPandaX

TLL Classics: Franklin Roosevelt Totally Looks Like The Penguin

batman political politics presidents smoking The Penguin - 5016608256

This Guy Totally Looks Like Lord Malak

funny guy TLL - 5597056000
Created by GulliverJ

Luke Evans Totally Looks Like James McAvoy

funny TLL - 5367084800
Created by vidybidy

This Soviet Propaganda Poster Totally Looks Like Rage Face Meme

Memes poster rage face - 4409068544

Judice (Kristen Wiig) Totally Looks Like Adele @ 2012 Grammys

celeb funny Grammys Music TLL - 5830071552
Created by ichc.brian

Sandra Bullock Totally Looks Like Paula Abdul

actor funny paula abdul Sandra Bullock TLL - 5529775616
Created by MemeTroller

Florida Governor Rick Scott Totally Looks Like Woody Harrelson

actors florida Governor politicians Rick Scott woody harrelson - 4771023616
Created by thinkbarton


animals Cats firefox internet logo lolcats - 4390081792
Created by ThePablotron

Wide-Eyed and Wide Smiled Totally Looks Like Pip from "Enchanted"

happy smile - 5183469568
Created by raeofsunshine


Bette Midler dracula Gary Oldman hair Hall of Fame - 4263570688
Created by gadwund

Squirrel Sweater Model Totally Looks Like Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock

30 rock funny model TLL TV - 5809261568

Chuck Norris without his beard Totally Looks Like William H Macy

totally looks like chuck norris beards - 7152855040
Created by stinad6942

Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge in "Scrooge" (1951) Totally Looks Like Max Schreck as Graf Orlok in "Nosferatu" (1922)

nosferatu TLL funny dracula - 6719777280

Flour Covered Cat Totally Looks Like Orc That Killed Boromir

Cats Lord of the Rings orcs totally looks like - 7911673344
Created by Aroughs


cartoons Palm Tree plants the simpsons - 1092953344
Created by pitothex