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Chris Hayes From NBC News Totally Looks Like DuckFace from Full House

totally looks like funny full house - 7769237248
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Popcorn - 4406542848
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gary busey - 3777209856

All-Bran Cereal Totally Looks Like Anthrax

totally looks like funny cereal - 7728692992

This Polished Rock Slab Totally Looks Like Greenish Bacon

bacon funny rocks green totally looks like - 7900351744
Created by HectorPlasma

Lyle Lovett Totally Looks Like Proboscis Monkey

animal country funny Music Proboscis Monkey TLL - 6442006528
Created by Moonkeey

Let-Me-Out Baby Totally Looks Like Twilight Zone Alien

baby funny face - 4974850816
Created by DinaMarie


cartoons lol guy mouth nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants - 4383871488
Created by IntenseWalrus

Weather Formation Totally Looks Like Bass Clef

funny Hall of Fame Music TLL weather - 5654807040
Created by motorvor

Walter White Totally Looks Like Gordon Freeman

breaking bad walter white totally looks like half-life 2 - 7745140736
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adam lambert teen mom - 3826355200
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Lil Jon Totally Looks Like Clifford the Catfish

Music muppets rap totally looks like - 7144013056


chicken colonel sanders host kfc singer TV - 2595791616
Created by iceicebeabea

Classic: Will Ferrell Totally Looks Like Chad Smith

chad smith totally looks like Will Ferrell - 7228456192
Created by MisterTatlaban

Young Ricky Gervais Totally Looks Like David Bowie

actors comedians david bowie musicians ricky gervais young - 4628254208
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