Totally Looks Like


alcohol logos military - 2056738560
By Grani90

Idiot Girl Totally Looks Like Space Shuttle

funny girl TLL wtf - 5714979840
By fastfood

This River Rock Totally Looks Like A Bacon Slab

totally looks like funny - 7884686848
By HectorPlasma

Tom Cruise (Ghost Protocol) Totally Looks Like Assassin's Creed Character

actor assassins creed funny game TLL Tom Cruise - 5528192256
By Unknown

Grandpa Munster Totally Looks Like Madeleine Albright

politicians The Munsters vampires - 4778004480

Adam Shepherd from Silent Hill: Homecoming Totally Looks Like John Locke from Lost

john locke actor TLL silent hill funny lost - 6278464512
By TakiK1993

This "Star Trek" Fan Totally Looks Like Scotty

fan mustaches random person Star Trek - 5185914368
By obeeah

The Governor Totally Looks Like Ron Burgundy

funny totally looks like the governor - 7919378176
By applerancher


Cheezburger Image 3955834112
By Unknown

Muammar Gaddafi Totally Looks Like Tim Burton

dictators directors libya muammar al-gaddafi tim burton - 4607369472
By Unknown

Bryan's Spilled Beer Totally Looks Like A Poodle

dogs funny stain TLL - 5964432128
By negativepositivelld

Gary Spivey, Medium Totally Looks Like Limecat, a Lolcat

animals Cats gary spivey Lime Cat lolcats wtf - 4389720064
By Black_X

"Weird Al" Yankovic Totally Looks Like Weird Albatross

animals birds Weird Al Yankovic - 4812304384
By anyonebutme


darth vader - 3830520576
By Jayna

Robert Downey Jr. (Dan Dark) Totally Looks Like Al Pacino (Michael Corleone)

al pacino robert downey jr actor TLL funny - 6708691712
By Fizz141


Grandpa rugrats Willy Wonka - 3259141888
By Unknown
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