Got something in your eye? Well beauty is beholden within it, so be extra careful, and keep an eye out for these hilarious ocular puns and jokes

His EYE?!

eye homeless street Street Bomb - 4825075200
By bomberrrr

The Missing "I"

eye - 6684003840
By Shelby Keet

He Has His Eye on You

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7820015872
Via ricscilicious

The Great Eye Is Ever Watchful

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7767963904
By Unknown

Toastman Always Has His Eye On You

club costume eye Party - 5554363392
By Unknown

Eye See What You Did There

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7824710912
By Unknown

Little Brother is Always Watching

eye kids Kids are Creeper Kids are Creepers Too little brother SOON when you see it - 6398475776
By Ben

The All-Seeing Eye

eye scary when you see it - 5931828992
By Unknown


Awkward creepy eye - 2945605376
By nicoleeee14

It's the Eye

beer cross eyed eye J├Ągerbombed - 4869622272
By Tristan

Sooner Than You Think

eye girls Impending Doom SOON Tenso - 6388955904
By mreeeeeeee

Eye See You!

photobomb eye funny - 7420222720
By Unknown


Animal Bomb boy butterfly cute eye Perfect Timing - 6127625216
By el.carl2

Eye See You

eye - 6596224512
By Umbracorvus

Reframe: Got Something In My Eye

eye girls jealous Reframe - 5327691008
By Unknown

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun

creepy Death eye Street Bomb surprise - 4849279744
By dublingirl