Got something in your eye? Well beauty is beholden within it, so be extra careful, and keep an eye out for these hilarious ocular puns and jokes

And Sometimes its Radiance Stings

beauty bee beholder difference eye idiom letter literalism lolwut similar sounding pun words meme - 5331952384
Created by Unknown

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

beholder eye literalism beauty double meaning - 6842305536
Via Reddit

Now I See Why You Said That!

contacts eye literalism advice lost - 7114649600
Created by Unknown

But She Still Uses Dial-Up, So She Can't Receive Kahlos

eye eyebrows Hall of Fame homophone internet literalism similar sounding - 6210456576
Created by PrincessLilla

They Couldn't Be More Opposite

contrast double meaning eye homophone homophones literalism opposites wife - 5296111104
Created by Unknown

As Opposed to What Other Kind?

double meaning eye literalism - 5197989632
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But You DO Normally Explore the Cosmos...

carl sagan eye eyebrows homophone I - 6291949568
Via Carl Sagan's Eyebrows

Because Visualizing Apple is Far Too Easy

bee eye homophone literalism visualization - 6340425472
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eye I students teacher - 3992266240
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brand eye ipod pod weird - 4176353792
Created by LOLFOOD

Apple Has a Patent On This One, Too

apple double meaning eye homophone ipad literalism - 6562698496
Created by xyzpdq1


double meaning eye homophone literalism shoop - 6154795776
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All I Can Say is Au

eye gold in literalism nintendo video game - 5378839296
Created by Bendyrulz