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YouTuber Alpha M Gets Roasted for Videos About Cheating on Wife

Engagement bait goes crazy
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Clueless Kids That Should Probably Get Off the Internet

Where are the parents
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Funny, crazy, and self-deprecating Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments That Range From Silly to Straight-Up Insane

I don't know about you, but whenever I find myself falling into a YouTube hole, it's not just the videos that I am paying attention to. Whether the video is stupid, smart, or even some excruciatingly boring tutorial, I will go out of my way to check out all of the comments. The truth is, in many cases, that the YouTube comments are more entertaining than the videos themselves. While there are some sweetly appreciative shout-outs and usually some personal anecdotes from a boomer or two, there's…
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Twitter story about Logan Paul's former pet pig Pearl found on the side of the road, left for dead

Logan Paul's Former Pet Pig Found Abandoned In a Field & Left For Dead

Poor piggie!
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A compilation of random memes.

A Catalog of Memes To Break The Ice

Meeting new people is often incredibly awkward and demeaning. Not all of us are Mrs. Peacock from the Clue movie based on the bestselling board game. When she's introduced to a group of new and unfamiliar people in Mr. Boddy's mansion, she monologues, "Well, someone's got to break the ice, and it might as well be me. I mean, I'm used to being a hostess; it's part of my husband's work. And it's always difficult when a group of new friends meet together for the first time to get acquainted. So I'…
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rare insults, youtube, witty comebacks, reddit, facebook, roasts, clever comebacks, memes | Chill Weeb 2 months ago bruh he look like breadstick going through goth phase 6.9K ?63 63 REPLIES | Replies 1 hour ago Kanye's brain has many tabs open 235 ?8

Roast Victims Who Were Destroyed in the Comments

Hope they'll recover from these sick burns
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rare insults, insults, roasts, youtube, youtube comments, reddit, witty comebacks, burn, facebook, facebook comments | His beard looks like he fell asleep at party | Elon Musk's mom on raising successful kids didn't treat them like babies or scold them' 11K 191 Comments 878 Shares Like? Comment Share They all look like they are about unhinge their jaws and swallow marsupial.

Brutal Burns From The Internet's Poets of Cruelty

Delightfully brutal burns
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cringey pics, guy running to campus with toast, bad bhad bhabie tattoo | Found myself rushing campus eating toast today had take selfie with toast hanging my mouth. This is just more proof living an anime Like Comment Share 15 people like this. View 1 more comment Kawaii as heck! 13 hrs Like 1 Kawaii desu sugoiiiii x0 13 hrs Like 1 CRINGINGFACE.COM | tattoo of Danielle Bregoli cash me outside girl

Cringe Pics Filled With Palpable Regret

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A compilation of tweets reacting to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face reveal

Funniest Tweets Reacting To Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal

Some say that the closest thing to a real-life superhero/supervillain is Twitter user dril. He's anonymous, has a platform he usues for good, and has an iconic look. Nobody knows who he is, but we all secretly want to know who is really behind that blurry picture, sunglasses, and hilarious tweets. The same could be said for Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” who, until yesterday, had never shown his face to his 30 million subscribers. For years, Dream has been building his gaming empire behind smiley f…
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A Cacophony of Cursed Comments From Deranged Netizens

My eyes
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Funny video about taking care of TikTokers, making them stop, airplanes

Funny Video Presents Solution to Annoying TikTokers on Airplanes

We feel so, so bad for people in service in this day and age. TikTokers think of public spaces as their stage, and turn almost any situation into an attention-seeking opportunity. One example of this behavior is when TikTokers (who are probably current or former theater kids) decide they should sing their fast food order at the drive-thru. If I were on the other side of the window, I would probably quit after the first instance of this idiocy. This cringey behavior isn't relegated to the drive-…
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Funny insults, spicy insults, clapbacks | elentube #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres Can This Teenager Use Rotary Phone? 2.7M views 4 days ago 56K 6.6K Share Download Save day ago "Oh look at these stupid kids. They can't use rotary phone. They can't use phone book M Wow s almost like as technology advances, older things slowly become useless and obsolete. Kind like Ellen.. | Replying Girl so basic if spilled vinegar on dissolve into foam like wicked which. 23:40 16 Aug 19 Twitter Android 25

Spicy Insults & Clapbacks That Bring The Heat

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A compilation of tweets reacting to Andrew Tate getting banned from social media

People React to Andrew Tate's Banning From Various Social Media Platforms

Andrew Tate is getting de-platformed, and it has already been meme'd to death. For the uninitiated, Andrew Tate is an influencer who has gained an insane amount of traction online over the past couple of months. Tate's videos have been heavily criticized as misogynistic, as he frequently describes his strategies to control and pick up women in shocking and violent ways. His content is essentially a continuation of MGTOW and pickup artist content that was more popular about five years ago. His p…
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Reddit thread about Andrew Tate and teachers increasingly concerned with his effect on young men

Concerned Teachers Discuss Andrew Tate's Impact On Their Male Students

If you've never heard of Andrew Tate, congratulations! You're either over the age of 16 or not on TikTok , either of which are equally admirable accomplishments. If you are both, even better! Andrew Tate has blown up in a Jordan Peterson-esque manner, catapulting his online presence seemingly overnight. For those who are no longer dependent on our parents, the question remains: who the hell is this guy? Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and Big Brother UK contestant. He was removed…
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Funny advertisement that is a pun using Decoldest Crawford's name

Nebraska Athlete Decoldest Crawford's Spot In Punny Air Conditioning Advertisement Goes Viral

The perfect man for the job.
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Article about Lady Gaga YouTuber Who Turned Into A Christian Influencer.

Former Lady Gaga Superfan Rebrands As Christian Influencer

Who could forget the adorable little boy who starred in his own incredibly passionate viral Lady Gaga lipsync videos? Staten Harry, a Little Monster whose YouTube lipsyncs of Lady Gaga's music went viral in 2018, is back in the discourse for reasons nobody could have predicted.
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