Cringey influencer poses in front of father's open casket, twitter reacts

Influencer Inspires Ridicule After Posing in Front of Father's Open Casket

You'd think that by now people would stop t aking photos with or in front of dead or dying people . But, alas. Every month brings a new and impressively tone deaf person to our screens, practically begging to be taken down by the pitchforks of the internet. Today's focus is on Miami influencer Jayne Rivera, who used her now-deleted Instagram account to share a series of very posed photos - in front of her father's open casket. this Instagram model’s father passed away,,,, and she did a photo sh…
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Funny and cringey moments of extreme entitlement from choosing beggars and crazy deluded karens | KAREN area. Jolly ranchers, Attention all parents suckers and smarties might be adequate less fortunate neighborhoods like Cicero and Oak Park but NOT here are WAY better than them and candy hand out on Halloween must reflect Costco has king size candy bars and suggest all stock up. My kids expect and deserve only best. See few days. Like Comment Share

20+ Shameful Moments Of Deluded Entitlement

For shame.
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Cringey direct messages | getting a dick pic and sending husband's dick pic in return: Dic Pic Hey. Could handle 8 inches don't know can 8 inch Blade Hunting Survival Knife Kit

20+ Times Creepy DMs Went Amusingly Wrong

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Cringe pics and social media moments, yikes, cringey images | ibuki @lolita laid under my bfs mouth while he sleeping 20 minutes drinking all his drool and using like mouth wash, andi went into bathroom and saw spilled some onto my shirt and now im crying because im such wasteful fucking idiot. corvvus hewwo will be youw suwgeon today! intewnal bweeding say? let's make ouw fiwst wittle incision helpicantstopdrawing w) Dowcto, wewre loswing him chinon quick! hand defibwiwatow

Embarrassing Moments Of Unenviable Cringe

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15+ People Who Tried to Delete Their Embarrassing Tweets

But they were too late
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Screen caps of entitled people and choosy beggars, social media, cheapskates.

Insufferable Entitled Losers & Choosy Beggars

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Bad people, terrible people, shitty people, animal abuse, wtf | Anonymous asked Politics Government Law Ethics 1 decade ago Can make male baby sitter pay child support single mom going college with my sister currently rent an apartment together couple weeks ago asked my neighbor trustworthy guy, if he could watch kids two hours while went class and my sister wasn't home, and he agreed. If he babysits and doesn't accept pay, can sue him child support because he took on fatherly

15+ Bad People Who Deserve to Be Shamed

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Funny memes, cursed images, uncomfortable images, thanks i hate it, lol, cringe, cringeworthy images

20+ Images That Range From Mildly Cursed & Cringe to Disturbing

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Trashy people, cringe

Trashy People Who Are the Definition of Cringe

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Cringey posts from mommy facebook posts, crazy people, yikes, lol, cringeworthy, moms, parenting communities

Cringey & Karen-esque Posts From Mommy Facebook Groups

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cringe, embarrassing, wtf, facepalm, gross, stupid people, yikes, memes, social media, cringetopia, twitter, tiktok cringe, facebook, incels, zoomers

15+ Embarrassing People Who Need to Log Off Immediately

The cringe is real
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Choosy beggars, choosy beggars on social media, cringe | So guy bought drink last night and gave him my number and Chlo Matt is officially retiring nights out 02-UK 11:42 91% Danny Atik IMessage Today 11:35 Hey who's this?x Aha met atik last night x O ye dennim dress?x 's one x Delivered Nice one could transfer those drinks bought last nite since didn't go home togeva wasn't really worth my time lol x | Dating 1100 month Rent $300 My nails 100 My hair-$100 Take shopping AT LEAST 300 Utilities 20

20+ Entitled People Who Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

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Funny times people ate food wrong | @CUTechBuff Love my daughter but suddenly concerned she may skin my sleep. WHO EATS BURRITO LIKE THIS Served wich Rice.and ST KID | INDIGO @rockindigo Only serial killer would carry pizzas like this piz .co piz

15+ Cringey Instances Of People Eating Food Wrong

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diwhy, diy, yikes, fail, cringe, cursed images, ugle design, wtf, funny pics, upcycle, life hacks, memes, crafting, facebook, diy fails

20 Cursed DIY Projects That Really Went Too Far

Just why?
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Funny and cringeworthy posts and memes from the internet, yikes, anime, cringe, cringey, WTF, embarrasing, creepy

Painfully Cringey Memes & Moments

At least they're not boring.
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facepalm, you had one job, fail, wtf, bad construction, smh, yikes, memes, funny, funny pics, mistakes, bad design

20+ Comically Awkward 'You Had One Job' Moments

Major facepalm
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