Yahoo Answer Fails

She's Playing Hard to Get

relationships the r word Yahoo Answer Fails - 6216217088
Created by Dr.Fly ( Via Yahoo Answers )

Yahoo Answers: Lawyer in the USA

Man posts legitimate post from Portugal on Yahoo Answers regarding which career he should take in life, either a lawyer or an engineer, gets some snarky comments on the lawyer ambition.
Created by etroll ( Via Yahoo Answers )

You've Got Maybe Two Days Left

gas health Yahoo Answer Fails - 4430251264
Created by spiffysparrow

Neither of Them Have Decent Super Powers

alien Yahoo Answer Fails - 6209083392
Created by Laguna

Presbyterians sound like fun people according to Yahoo Answers!

Someone asks about Presbyterians on Yahoo Answers. Gets answered by troll
Created by Electric0eye

A Redneck by Any Other Name

america rednecks UK Yahoo Answer Fails - 6183356160
Created by pinacolada55 ( Via Yahoo Answers )

I'm NOT PMS-ing

girlfriend relationships Yahoo Answer Fails - 4438417664
Created by Unknown

So Many Logical Explanations

science sun wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 6177755136
Created by Norman_Steel

Your Insurance Doesn't Cover That?

car Death money Yahoo Answer Fails - 6191877632
Created by comicarmageddon

Do I Detect a Hint of Cilantro?

Awkward noms Yahoo Answer Fails - 6189565952
Created by Unknown

He Was so Awkward in the Social Network

Awkward celeb michael cera Yahoo Answer Fails - 4438460416

Inquiring Parents Want to Know!

brother kids no no tubes parent sister wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 6130459904
Created by jaybeisch

Yahoo Answers: Who Doesn't Want Sweet Honey?

Funny picture of a yahoo answers screen grab of someone asking about having a bee sting his penis to enlarge it for the ladies.
Created by Forkk

Can't Tell if Trolling, or Poultry...

bizarre wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 6149299456
Created by Alexzilla

Caught Red Handed

forever alone roommates Yahoo Answer Fails - 6161960192
Created by Unknown

How Is This a Question?

bizarre wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 4447450880
Created by skeilty304