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Those Sour Germans

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Look Out Good Guy Greg

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Yes, It's Really That Bad

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It's a PRAY-OFF, Pope Benedict XVI v. Pope Francis for the World Cup Final!

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The Sad Thing is That This is Like Using Your Favorite Pokémon Online

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How Argentina Sounded Like Immediately After Maxi Rodriguez's Penalty Kick to Beat the Netherlands

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Womp Womp Wooooomp...

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Brazil vs. Germany With Wrestling Commentary Would Have Been More Appropriate

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The New Brazilian Flag!

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Brazilians Trying to Set Neymar's Jersey on Fire

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Oh Ricky. Never Change.

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Come Here, Bro...

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This Kid is the Happiest Boy in the World Right Now

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The FIFA Logo Really Applies to Brazil Now

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Brazil Faceplants Their World Cup Dreams

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It's Gonna Be Hard to Redeem This Kind of Defeat

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